In this episode, I’ll share some thoughts about an ideal layout for a “Three Generation” family home where the parents move in with the kids, often to take care of the grandkids.  This can be a real win-win, because the parents can pool resources to help the kids, and they’ll have less cleaning and maintenance with help from the kids.  And the grandkids have babysitters and they get to know and spend time with their grandparents.  If it works, it generally works really really well.

As we’re seeing the “baby boomers” age, there’s more and more need for one-floor living with no stairs, and one of the houses in today’s list ticks all the boxes.  Plus, I’ll share a property that’s got SO much more to offer than anything in Milton, and it’s only 15 minutes away (double garage, backing onto greenspace, finished basement, 4-bedrooms, less than $500k).  And even though most of Milton’s streets are named for former Mayors, war heroes and community leaders, I can’t get past the slang meaning of one of the streets.  Look it up – I don’t make this up!  Have a super long weekend!

And for more information about that outstanding value property in the beginning, just visit

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