One of today’s homes has some loose wording around the square footage, and we’ll take a moment to define what normally constitutes “square footage” compared to “total living space”. And when we’re talking about adjustments in value of $75 to 100 per square foot in Milton, having the right square footage in the listing can avoid lots of problems in interpretation when selling.

Some nice town homes in the list and even a smaller semi on Pettigrew that’s priced like a town. But watch out – it may be a little small. Leiterman is well-presented and the home on Dewar is missing a photo of the pond behind the home… it would have been nice to see!

Speaking of backing onto things, Holmes is a former model home but having a shopping plaza behind may allow you to not be starting into someone else’s windows, but it may be noisy or smelly because of truck deliveries and garbage, so do your homework.

The covered porch on 20th side road is pretty amazing .. it even has skylights! And Sprague is an example of when you wait for pictures to load in this market… you may be too late!

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