Not many super hot banging awesome deals, but nice homes all around, with very little poor staging and photos, which make Chuck a happy boy.

And when someone says something is “chic”, remember that that person is not being very chic.  🙂

Last thing… I’m going to put this in writing because I talk about it all the time.  When you have a 36-foot wide lot, and you put a double garage home on it which is generally 20-feet wide, with room on the sides between homes, you don’t get very much living space until you get past the garage on the floor plan.  And then, your second floor becomes much larger because you have an extra 400-500 square feet of garage plus entrance space… which often means the builders, after they put in four rooms, will elect for a family room above the garage.  I’m not a huge fan of this, because in most cases, the bedrooms are right near the second floor family room and you can’t have a TV playing very loudly.  Although it sometimes works really well for a home office.

Anyhow, enjoy your day and we’ll see you tomorrow!

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