Congruence is kind of a funny word, but it really means something in real estate.  There’s no point putting granite counters in a house that has older, tired cabinets.  One different coloured appliance wrecks the impression of the other ones.  Different coloured flooring can mess with your flow.  Here’s another example:  how many million-dollar homes have you seen with laminate flooring?  It’s a very important thing to remember when prepping your home… do you want to play at a 10/10 level, or are you shooting for being the best value for a 7/10 home?  Remember, all progress starts by telling the truth.

A perfect example in today’s video — two identical floor plans, $40k apart… I’d be jumping all over the lower priced one and doing the upgrading myself.  Besides that, there are TWO lovely options at different price points for the “empty nest” shopper looking for a bungalow, and sometimes, there can be more than meets the eye when it comes to lot size (see what I mean on Dewar).

Pick of the day goes to Stover – I think they did some incredible work, especially those beams in the kitchen.  Just make sure you budget for some roof work!