If one window is just not good enough for you, then there’s a home on Bennett that features TWO windows! Can you believe it? Sign me up! That’s what I call the “icing on the cake”.  And then we’ll compare it to a home that’s slightly larger for $60k less.

Don’t walk … run… for the townhouse on Baverstock. It’s confirmed by team partner Shaleni that the home smells weird, but it’s an amazing deal. Hiring a cleaning crew is less than $500, new floors for the whole house is probably $10k, plus new paint and details… still puts you way ahead of something like Willet, which seems like a good deal on its own for $40k more. And yes, Baverstock is a Mattamy Clayton model, 1300 square feet. No floor plans online but if you email us we can send you a PDF.

If you’re looking for a three-bedroom semi-detached on a super quiet street (the kind where you can hear crickets at night), then Gazley is for you. Cooper has had a price drop, and check out that yard! A fully detached home on a MASSIVE property that makes older Milton lots look small for under $500k? Golden opportunity.

And when we talk about the Bronte listing and development potential, you can use this link for the GIS map with information about zoning, aerial maps and lots more.

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