There’s a couple of homes in todays list that are a great example of how to prep your home for sale, including McNair and Willet Terrace. I expect both to do quite well, and their prices are right in line with the market.

Everyone knows I’m a big fan of “Net Zero” style buildings aka the GreenLife condos built by Del Ridge. And there’s two in the list today … one at 383 Main in the first phase, and a larger one at 33 Whitmer in the second phase. Both get full endorsement, for different reasons.

Cusick is my Pick of the Day. It’s like a half-finished sandwich, but it’s a great opportunity for a buyer with not a lot of “heavy lifting” to finish the job. Either way, whenever we see a half-finished project within a house, it’s a reasonable assumption that the seller has some kind of motivation of time or money.

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