In all the years I’ve been in real estate, not a single buyer has ever put parquet floors on their “wish list” of things they desire in a home.  Generally, it’s not a good thing to have in a home when selling.  The good news is that flooring is easy to fix, and offers relatively good returns for savvy buyers who can see potential.  So sometimes you can negotiate an even better deal, and with some of the savings, budget for an upgraded hardwood.

Today I’ll give you my “Ode to Why I Can’t Stand Viva Townhouses”, and there are some rotten photos on a good listing on Irving.  Most buyers will skip past, but I know it’s worth seeing if you want a semi in that range.  Finally, the home on Third Line (Boston Church) is on agricultural land, but doing a bit of homework after the video, it seems like it’s in the “Employment Land” section of ROPA 38.  Always a good idea to speak to someone in the Planning Department, and to do some due diligence whenever you’re buying a home.  Local and Regional Councillor (and friend of the show) Colin Best once told me that less than 1% of buyers actually contact their local planning department to find out what’s happening in the area.  With such a large investment, I’d really wonder why.  And as a final note, I’m amazed at how many real estate agents (even locally) are not well-researched… which is very scary.  Good thing you know a great local agent who does videos for you.  🙂

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