Today’s list is not too bad at all.

Sure there are some people who are a little out to lunch, and there are even some folks who are trying to push the boundaries of our MLS system – either with listings in Hamilton, or with really bad photos.  LOL just kidding about the latter.

A couple of split-level homes, with and without the double garage are showcased today, plus two of the same model (one of which is clearly much better than the other).  Overall, I think the best picks of the day are the condo at 1483 Maple, if you can live with being on the first floor, and DEFINITELY the one on Etherington, which is gorgeous and priced right.  Etherington wins my Chuck Pick of the Day ™ by a healthy margin.

I’ve seen some listings come out this afternoon which will be in tomorrow’s video, and they are VERY impressive.  Tomorrow should be a great day.