We’d love for you to join us on Monday for our Free Government Money seminar, where you can learn how to generate an extra $10,000 (or more) of money for your first home in the next 90 days.  It’s actually a different twist on an existing program for first-time buyers.  Nothing weird, nothing illegal.  Just a series of steps that lead to a pretty significant amount of money coming to you in a few months.

We’re still finalizing a location in Milton, but it will be probably 30-40 minutes for the seminar, and we’re doing one at 4:00 pm and one at 6:30 pm on Monday February 27th. The only way to register for the class is to call us at 905-693-9346.  So go ahead and sign up now.  And if you can’t make it, send me an email and we’ll figure something out.  I don’t want you to lose out on a big opportunity, but just an FYI… I won’t go over it on the phone, because you need to see the timeline and all the steps on paper, and everybody always has questions.  That’s why we’re doing a class!  🙂  Enjoy today’s video!

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