In today’s episode, we’ll talk about being valuable and compelling to a buyer. For example, you can get a nice detached home for $18k more than a semi-detached. Which one do you go for? What if the semi was only joined by the garage but not the interior shared walls? The truth is that buyers are comparison shoppers, and whenever you list a home, you need to see the market through their eyes. If the last five identical models sold for less than $440k, is there a clear argument for them to pay $450k? To price accurately, most people need to stop thinking like a seller and put the buyers’ shoes on.

And there are two identical models $100k apart. That’s a lot of renovation budget, even if the lower priced one isn’t as nice. And the home on Somerville is incredible value for the right buyer willing to do some work. The view is spectacular. Oh, and one of today’s homes made two smart decisions: they priced right on the nose of two important price ranges, and they put a very sexy indoor pool. Have a look… and the house on Martin Street is a delightful property, I’m a big fan. Solid list today.

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