Have you ever noticed some homes that are constantly turning over with new owners? Sometimes it can be due to situations like job changes or growing families… but often there can be other reasons, and I’ll give you one of the best ways to find out in today’s episode. Oh and there’s a BEAUTY of a house on Forbes for $899k, one of the best I’ve seen in a while.

As I’ve stated many times, I believe Milton is a great place to live, but I get frustrated by the lack of cash-flow positive investment properties. One of today’s homes has a great opportunity to supplement your mortgage payments, but I wouldn’t suggest it (along with most places in town) as an “investment” property. The upside? You can walk to Taco Bell for their new breakfast menu.

Let’s face it… Taco Bell is best for late nights when you’ve had a little too much fun. I can’t imagine it for breakfast.

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