The Real Estate Kiss of Death ™ is back… there was one last week too (although I don’t think we put it in the video), and it’s absolutely fascinating to me.

Today is a big list with 29 homes, and the two absolute standouts are Giddings, which is “almost” detached except for a linked foundation, but it’s an incredible deal at less than $450k. And then, if you can tolerate living on a street called “Nakerville”, then you’ve got a Plan 4 (2051 sq.ft.) from Mattamy with a finished basement, beside greenspace for $520k. Given what else is for sale in the price range, I’m quite confident that this one will FLY.

Plus, we’ll talk about why making a home as “move-in ready” as possible pays back in multiples, and there’s something making it really difficult to price homes right now. Can you guess what it is? Watch to find out.