In this episode, we’ll encounter a listing description that’s remarkably accurate but not tremendously helpful. And the house on Frank should be accompanied by circus rings because it’s well-priced, it looks good, and it’s in an extremely popular price range — so the activity will be crazy. With no agent on board to steer the ship, it’s anybody’s guess how this one will turn out.

There are a couple of very good options in and around the $500k mark for older Milton homes on larger lots, and then we’ll compare the staging and photos on two properties listed around the same price… with HUGE differences in impression. Then there’s two million+ dollar homes, including one that’s very close to town, both on about 5-acres.  Here’s a video that shows how you sell the “lifestyle” of a home, with a seller interview.

Click here for the Market Outlook video we just shot yesterday, and here’s the link for the Top Dollar Booklet if you didn’t have a chance to request it yesterday.

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