Isn’t there a skit on Saturday Night Live called, “Really”?  A 1624 square foot double garage for $530k… really?  Or how about a semi-detached with one room plus a kitchen on the main floor for $470k… really?  I spoke to two home buyers this weekend who are so confused by the market because the asking prices are so far from the reality of the actual sold prices (which you can’t see unless you are a Realtor, or you know one like me who is willing to share the sales)… and I completely understand.  So, if you don’t want to overpay for a home, and you want the right advice and someone who treats your money with the same reverence as their own, you should really give us a call or email so we can help you stay safe and get the best possible deal on your next home.

Oh and I forgot… a couple of standout homes – Barclay is a fantastic deal for a 1400 square foot semi, 461 Carbert is one of my favourite floor plans (and the same price as a smaller single garage home), and I’m surprised Reece is still hanging around, because it’s everything a “move up” buyer would want.

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