One of the big lessons from today’s episode is how to read a listing “properly”.  Most people take a look at the pictures, but they don’t always pay attention to possession dates, room measurements, and smaller details.  Knowing how to properly screen a home can save hours off your home search.  And we’ll also talk about some of the resources like ROPA 38 and the zoning and GIS maps to help you do research before seeing a home.

One of my favourites of the day is the home on Livock.  We sold a similar home a year ago for the price they’re asking.  I just checked the link (which is updated in real-time) and it looks good.  Oh, and make sure you drive to the correct address when seeing homes in the rural area.  I’ll clear that up today.

My friend Lou stops by today to talk about the word “stunning” in a listing.  🙂

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