Well, today we start off the week on a high note.  There’s a townhouse that’s probably under-listed by at least $20,000… and a few that are priced too high that you want to avoid.  🙂  Super duper deal on the detached on Featherstone on a deep lot for $469k.  And two favourites are the massive home on Steeles on the “brow” of the Escarpment, and the delightful renovation on Conway.  And be careful with what lurks beyond the forest… see what I mean in the video.

Finally, if you have a pond behind your house, it might be a good idea to use at least one photo to show that wonderful feature, don’t you think?

I mentioned interior designer Liane Robertson’s name in the video… two of today’s kitchens may have profited from her kitchen makeover… you can reach her at 905-302-8204.