Even though you can see a lot of clutter and the obvious presence of a Tenant at 6020 Derry, we just sold a similar-sized unit in better condition for $75,000 more than this one.  So it’s priced pretty low, and offers are next week.


I could also see Pettigrew, Monaghan and Coulter selling for more than asking on offer night.

Fourth Line has some pretty blurry photos.  Which is double bad because the agent is also the seller.

And who needs a dining table when you can have a pool table instead?  Ask the sellers on Trudeau, who have made the contemporary choice to do away with the “old school” living and dining room.  There’s also some sweet views of the park from the balcony, and a wider lot in the back.  This is another one that should sell for more.

Also, we took some time as a team today to create our “perfect week”.  It’s a great exercise, and the first step is to put the Big Rocks in first.  Sounds strange, but watch today’s video and learn a classic Stephen Covey theory about organizing your life.

If you want to see any of these homes (quite a few are good), then just reach out using the contact form below, or reply back to any of our emails.

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