Not everybody is in a situation where they can make improvements on their home – either because of a time or financial restriction. Or sometimes it’s even just being aware that there ARE things that can improve your position.

I think of it like this: Warren Buffett is the world’s greatest investor, and he creates a 20% yield per year. Meaning that he starts January 1st with $100, and he turns it into $120 by the following January.

Well, there are improvements you can make in your home that will give you a 200% to 500% return… in just a few months. You can spend $1,000 and make $5,000… if you know where, when and why. I’ll give a few examples in today’s video.

Plus, Gollins seems like a good deal, and one of today’s properties will be much better off being in the 6-figure range instead of the 7-figure range.

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