I was listening to Kelly and Sharon, who are our full-time support staff here at the office, and their “back and forth” conversation reminded me of the Goofy Gophers from Looney Tunes.

“Please I insist.  I will get coffee tomorrow.”

“It’s really better that I do.  I’m closer, and you paid last time.”

“I’ll hear none of that.  The coffee is my treat.”

And so on.  They’re so bloody helpful that it’s funny.  🙂

I thought to myself that today’s episode should be dedicated to really nice people.  They really do make the world go round.  And the nasty, mean orange people seem to be getting all the press lately.

Pick of the Day ™ is the home on Landsborough.  The home has nice high ceilings, top notch finishes, and it feels like a detached when you’re inside.

Also, just in case you didn’t know what the FRONT OF THE HOME looked like, they put it on the photo at Wakefield.  Thanks for clearing that up!

Finally, there’s only one shot of the pool at 164 Cooke, but in previous listings they’ve shown other angles.  Not easy to find a backyard that deep, with probably $100k invested in the pool and other landscaping (maybe more).  Noise from the 401 can sometimes be an issue on Cooke, but sound travels and echoes in odd patterns, so you can only really tell by going to see the home in person.

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