No, we’re not talking about the famous Rolling Stones song… but rather, we get the first taste of an agent using Microsoft Paint to doctor a photo in 2013!  Gotta love it!

Today there are 18 properties, and I really see the “tug of war” happening where sellers are trying to push the bar up, and buyers are trying to compare to a slightly slower fall market’s prices.  Who will win?  I think the real test will come when the weather gets nicer and more buyers and sellers set forth on their journey.  Where the really interesting stuff happens is when two styles of homes sit in the same price range – like the small double garages, or the semis that are asking detached prices.  It’s really a fascinating market when you can see all the pieces and how they fit (or don’t fit) together.

The first two listings on Shortreed and Stover are two of the best deals out there right now for “entry point” townhouses.  Have a great weekend, and thanks for tuning in!