One of today’s condos looks good on paper – $379k for a 2-bed, 2-bath with two parking spaces and an open ground floor access to an open private terrace facing greenspace. But once you visit, you see why they might be struggling to find a buyer. I’ve been inside, and I’ll try to explain it in the video. Maybe it’s time for a Plan B, and I’ve got a suggestion on how to help create a stronger impression.

And we have another Plan 4! Even though this one is priced less than the competition, they’re holding back on offers… which may prove once again that asking price and final sale price can differ drastically.

Nicest Home of 2016 moves to a new champion today. Donnelly is absolutely gorgeous, but there are two things that might cross it off the list for some buyers. I do think they chose a good price though.

Even though the floor plan names are different, Beaty and Tonelli share a similar layout, but the ages are much different, and some of the basic finishes like shower trim and door handles and lights have changed quite a bit over the years. If you want a pool and a wide lot, Beaty is your choice.

Have a great weekend, and a big shout out to Ed Mochrie for some super duper business tips we’ve exchanged by email. Here’s his website.  And Happy Birthday to my mom, who probably still watches these episodes.

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