I don’t have my editor extraordinaire Sharon for today, so I’ll just put up a fun video for our listing on 307 Dalgleish Gardens.  Also, here’s a terrific semi-detached on a big lot on Zelinsky.  Expect some new news on price for both very soon.

In the meantime, I just posted the last 3 episodes from last week… I shot them, but we have been struggling with uploads because of Internet issues here at the office.  I think we fixed it, but in the meantime enjoy the episodes.  The “ANYTIME” one on Friday was easily my favourite of 2017.

227 Lyndsay Court is one of my favourite locations – it’s a great cul-de-sac for kids’ hockey games, with very little traffic.  It’s the street that people wait to live on.  The price is very low, so expect it to sell for somewhere between $900k-1 million.  Ask them to throw in that sweet red car in the driveway, too!  (It kind of looks like a Fiero… what is it?  Help me, car people!)

And 999 Nadalin Heights finally realized they were completely nuts at $699k, and came down to $599k.

The backyard and ensuite tub at Hollinrake are sure to please, and interestingly enough, the upper end price ranges over a million have been the LEAST affected by the latest market trends of price adjustments and competition.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold for asking price or above.

6191 Trafalgar.  $2.5 million.  With garbage photos.  Yay!  After more than seven years of doing these episodes, it never ceases to surprise me.

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