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I’m going to see Thompson tonight, but from what I see it appears to be a pretty good deal. Any of the homes on Thompson will have two major drawbacks: street noise from the main road and lack of parking. This one offers the additional drawback of offers on Saturday night. That’s interfering with my disco party time!

Also, I would NEVER EVER EVER EVER live in the home on Ferguson, and I’ll attempt to explain why in the video. Pardon the visuals.

If you like the one-two combo of greenspace behind and a walk-out basement, then check out the home on McGibbon. Or, if lavender is your thing, you might be interested in the $8.5 million estate at the end of the episode.

There’s also a one-bedroom condo with two parking spaces on the Oakville-Milton list. Although I call high on the estimate for the parking space.

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