Last week I wanted to shoot some videos, but sometimes I look at a list and think, “What am I going to say?”

Sometimes the material writes itself, and sometimes it’s a struggle to find ANYTHING to talk about. Sometimes you won’t see ANY good deals, or funny stuff, or anything you wouldn’t see on an average day. And we had a few days like that last week.

Today… different story. That home on Powys is probably close to being sold (I heard there were a few offers on it), but that one was a STEAL. To the point where the neighbours are saying, “WTH?”

Pitfield is another good one. It’s easily the least expensive way to buy a four-bedroom home in Milton right now.

The first condo is another solid pick (and tens of thousands cheaper than the other same floor plan), and I’ll talk about putting a value on a luxury/rural property towards the end of the episode.