It’s refreshing to see a list hit those two digit numbers for a change – I don’t think we’ve had more than ten properties in a list for at least one month.

Today, we get to see the effect of removing the garage from a floor plan – both positive and negative – in Laurier and McCready. You lose backyard space, but you open the floor plan. In the case of Laurier, you have one less parking space than the neighbour selling for $50k less… it’s hard to tell from the photos and the MLS listing.

My favourite of the day is the Costigan condo – I think it’s great value when you look at recent sales from the end of 2015. And Zuest easily wins the nicest home of 2016 (so far).

The most interesting home? Fifteenth Sideroad is 2/3 workshop, 1/3 house on a couple of acres. With a heating system called a “pellet stove” that you don’t see very often.  More fascinating details about pellet heating here.

And please “forgive” us as we repent on Boston Church.

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