At the beginning of today’s episode, I share something that’s kind of interesting.  It’s actually a BETTER time to buy now compared to some parts of the year, yet there are some people sitting on the fence.  Low interest rates, and the prices are a little softer… that’s a double rainbow!

Anyway, we’re going to discuss what some people can’t STAND about Mattamy townhouses, plus one of their most interesting floor plans (the Stanbury model), and we’ve got a fascinating home on nearly an acre of land on Martin Street, complete with a four-plex in addition to the house.  I’ll tell you some things you should be asking about it.

Finally, the pick of the day doesn’t have photos on the MLS, but it’s a tremendous deal.  There are two on Moorelands, and the higher priced one has renovated bathrooms and kitchen, an inground pool plus some lawn, and it’s on a nice quiet street… heckuva deal at $585k.  It won’t last long, so let us know if you want to see it.

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