In one of today’s listings, something simple like making the bed would have made a huge difference in the photos.  I’m sure that SOMEONE they know has some extra bed linens they could have used.  I’ve even lent clients bed coverings, artwork, furniture before… whatever it takes to make the boat go faster.

So there’s 29 listings today, including what appears to be a good deal in Dorset Park at $425k for a 70 x 120 lot and a recently updated home, and a bunch of good picks with Leiterman, Clark and Dalgleish with 3 full bathrooms.  Then there’s the bungalow on Trudeau with the pond behind, and two spectacular homes on Somerville and Chambers, which are arguably two of the better streets in that entire neighbourhood.

Lately, the listings that STAND OUT are the ones that are selling.  Sometimes it might be the paint colours (careful on this one… go for character instead of crazy), or the marketing, or even some unique photo angles… but with hundreds of listings for sale (and it seems like more everyday), it’s getting more important every single day to stand out from the crowd in the Milton real estate market.