I caught a little something from the kids, so this episode is coming live from my basement!  And no video, just some written notes.  Meantime, please enjoy a video tour of 626 Attenborough.

There are 25 listings today, and here’s what I noticed:

So… 902 Burrows Gate came out on Friday, and clearly it’s underpriced at $499k for a 1270 square foot freehold townhouse.  It might be off the list when it sells, so here’s the virtual tour.  Back in the day when multiple offers were the norm, I spoke a lot about the magic window of opportunity, which is 5-7 days of listing time.  That ensures that you get enough eyeballs, and there’s ample time to see it before accepting offers.  This one gave two days, and I worry that it didn’t get full exposure… sometimes it even takes two full days to hit Realtor.ca!

I hope they did well anyway.  Sometimes the right buyer is there in the beginning, watching and waiting for the right home.

1557 Evans is nice, but VERY few semi-detached homes have come close to that $700k mark, and all of them are substantially larger or on very deep lots.  I would much rather choose 1040 Cumming, which is a similar size but with higher 9-foot ceilings, and add a finished basement.  For the $60k difference, that makes much more sense to me.

Pick of the Day ™ is probably Baylis.  Walk-out finished basement with a saltwater pool?  The rest of the house looks good too… and the price seems right at $1,150,000.