Just a soundtrack song today, and no video commentary.  Tracey Thorn is one of my favourite singers, I think her voice is just stunning.

They’re “raising the roof” on today’s pick of the day on Barclay.  But get ready, they’re taking offers tonight at 5 pm.  I’m guessing they’ll be in the very high-$400’s.

Speaking of which, we might be close to being able to publish sold prices thanks to a recent ruling against the Toronto Real Estate Board.  This scares some agents, but I think those of us who identify our value with something besides the raw data… we’re not worried.

The home on Houston also looks lovely, with a bonus “half” a garage for extra storage.  Most people don’t fit two cars in their garage, so this could give that extra storage space you need.  Friday offers on that one.

In the broker comments on Nairn, they mention, “Seller Wishes For Fair Market Exposure Prior Considering Any Offers (On Or After May 12th)”.  That’s a nice way of saying, “We’re holding back on offers”… but I like it.  🙂

Sometimes the key to a listing (including important notes and offer dates) is in the broker comments, and the only way to get access is to hook up with a real estate agent.

And in the Oakville-Milton list, we have a single garage listed for more than $700k.  One home recently reached the milestone, but I think we’re still in the stage where you need to ASK for something with the first digit as a 6, and then let the market propel you forward.  We’ve seen over and over again in 2016 that less is more.

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