We’re in Toronto meeting with two of the top real estate teams in the city… so I won’t be able to shoot the video today.  Instead, enjoy another peek at 293 Scott… here’s all the details, and the video is above.

Oh, and Captain America put the sold sign up on 249 Cedric, which had four offers on Monday night.  The clients wanted to list higher, but the right move was to price aggressively and generate lots of activity.  I knew the right thing to do, and they trusted me… and ended up with 102% of list price.

It’s true that less is sometimes more.  And experience is priceless.

As far as today’s list goes, there’s a three-bedroom at Sauve that’s tricky to find.  It used to be much more common to see smaller 1-bed, 1+den and 2-bedrooms, but gradually the trend is shifting to larger units.  I believe this has to do with the baby boomers wanting to downsize… but not by too much.

Also, Speyer is $50k more expensive than Riddell, but Riddell is 15% larger with a finished basement.  I really think that Speyer is going to struggle in a big way in the mid-$600’s.  And the best deal in the list BY FAR is 484 Dymott.  They’re holding back on offers until Monday, which is always risky.  But 2400+ square feet for $799k is below market value.

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