Decent enough list today, with a bit of a mixed bag.  As always, I’ll give you some stuff to watch for, and I’ll tell you the deals that really stand out in my eyes.

If you’re planning on coming to Monday’s Free Government Money Class, you need to let us know quickly, because we’re filling up fast.  And if you’ve just joined us, we’re teaching a way for first-time buyers to generate a pretty good part of your downpayment (up to $10,000 or maybe more) using a few simple steps, and you’ll get the money in the next 90 days.  But you need to act on the program before the end of February.  Anyway, call us to register at 905-693-9346.  Classes are at 4:00 pm and 6:30 pm on Monday in Milton.

Also, if you’re coming to town this weekend, keep us in the loop — we’d love to get together and chat, maybe even see a few homes.  Enjoy the video, and thanks yet again for watching!