I didn’t step in front of the camera today, but today’s episode is still lots of fun!

Van Allen looks like a nice deal on a townhouse for $439k.  We discussed the Dempsey neighbourhood yesterday, and all the reasons why it’s the most convenient neighbourhood in Milton.

You may look at Elliott and think it’s priced well for a detached on a big lot, but just keep in mind that there’s electric baseboard heating.  The advantage of baseboards is you can control temperature in individual rooms, and they’re cheap to replace.  But if you’re wasteful and they’re overused, your bills could be significantly higher than a “gas” heated home.

For today’s theme song, check out the video – and do the ELECTRIC SLIDE with me!  Boogie woogie woogie woogie!

On the topic of electric baseboards, there are some good articles here and here and here (speaking of the 80’s, it looks like home reno star Bob Vila has a popular website).  Quite a few things to consider when you’re looking at the right heating for your family, from safety to allergies to noise levels.

I’m a big fan of Coulson – although the kitchen is a little small, it’s not easy to find a nice double garage in Timberlea in the mid-$500’s.

Nakerville looks better than a lot of model homes.  If they sell for close to this number, I’m pretty sure they would break the record for that floor plan, even with some of the recent sales of that same layout backing onto greenspace.

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