Last night we had a really fun Buyer Class… next one is on Saturday, February 21st at 1 pm.

The photos are pretty bad on Shortreed and Wallbrook, and there’s a “gangster” battle at the $539k mark between two identical models with two vastly different sets of features. Which one offers the best long-term investment potential? To me, it’s the one with more land. The rest you can improve on your own.

We end with a huge 5-bedroom 3,700+ square foot home on a delightful street. Unfortunately it’s very basic, and many similar homes with better finishes have sold for less. Not very compelling.

Overall, there’s not much in this list that is very exciting. The best one may in fact be the one on McNeil, but we didn’t show anything because the photos weren’t loaded. You can find it in the link below. Stay tuned tomorrow where we go on the hunt for some better homes!

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