Have a look at the link to today’s properties down below… I am starting to recover from being sick, but I was out of town all day Friday.

It’s too bad about the first floor condo on Costigan – the bedrooms are nice and big, and there’s an outdoor terrace with greenspace views, which is amazing for a downsizing couple who don’t want to lose their yard.  Unfortunately, the “family room” area directly in front of the kitchen is very small.  It probably wasn’t noticeable to the average person when they bought the floor plan, but it’s definitely a big reason why the condo has had such a hard time selling.

The house on McDuffe could easily go for $50k above asking.  It will be madness on offer night, get ready for it.  Like a 3-ring circus… theme music above.

The home on Fourth Line is a bank sale… and they just dropped the price by $20k.  Might be a good time and price to scoop it up, especially when it’s a 1900 square foot detached for $519k.  The same layout has sold for mid-to-high $500’s in the last few months when they’re in better shape.

Also, it’s very rare to find a pool in the neighbourhood around Farlow… most of the lots just aren’t big enough to accomodate one.  The house is even smaller than Fourth Line.  Without the finished basement, I think they’ll have a tough time in the mid-$600’s.  It’s a bit of a unique one…

The home on Peregrine has been “yo-yo” pricing for the last year.  Up to $899k, no luck, sell for $819k and try to get multiple offers.  Didn’t work?  Okay take a break and try that again.  It’s bizarre.

Pick of the Day is Crozier Crescent, with the ideal family location around the corner from the library, with a park at the end of the street, a large 60+ foot wide lot, and impressive finishes with a wine cellar in the basement.

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