It’s an interesting time of year right now in real estate.  On one hand, you do have less buyers out there, but most are still paying attention, even if they’re less active.  On the other side of the equation, there’s a drastic undersupply of good homes in a few price ranges.  One of them is the $350-400k range for homes with yards, and another is detached homes under $500k.  Which is why we definitely consider Livingston and Watson to be strong picks, and I REALLY like the look of the one on Black.  At more than 2000 square feet with four bedrooms (and nice finishes), it shines above most of the competition under $550k.

Finally, if you are even considering buying a home later this year, please consider getting a pre-approval done so that you can hold your interest rate.  Rumour is rampant that rates are going up… so save yourself some money.  Kimberly Singh runs our Buyer Class, and you can reach her at 905-864-1365 or  Don’t delay… it could cost you a bunch of money.

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