Quite a lot of competition in today’s list in the $450k to $500k range.  Timmer and Diefenbaker are the same model (Mattamy Emery 1370 sq.ft.), both with finished basements.  Even though that’s a popular price range, there’s lots of volume of listings, which can sometimes spread buyers out and extend your days on market.

Also, it’s very rare for country properties to hold back on offers, especially when priced at $849k, but that’s what Jessie has planned.  It’s a lovely area, but I’m just not sure there are THAT many buyers in the market right now for that type of property.

In order to have a chance at receiving multiple offers, I’ve always believed that three things need to be in place:

1.  You need to be “move-in ready” and be able to appeal to buyers on an emotional level (ie it has to be pretty so they’ll fall in love)

2.  There needs to be very little competition from other homes.

3.  You need to be in a price range with a lot of activity and buyers.

If even one of those is out of place, it makes it very difficult to orchestrate a “bidding war”, no matter if you’re a townhouse competing against a dozen others, or whether you’re in a rural setting with far fewer buyers.

No video comments today… my schedule was back-to-back today.  In other news, my team partner Joel’s girlfriend is flying into Buffalo, and she saw John Legend on her flight.  Why was he flying to Buffalo?  He’s doing a show there!  So in honour of that, let’s listen to some JL.  I saw him open for someone else years ago, and he’s just as good live as on his records.  The man can sing!  The video above is one of my favourites, probably because of the Hendrix sample that Amy Winehouse also used.  🙂

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