A lot of our coaching when we’re showing homes to buyers is around a very simple concept – what CAN you change easily, and what are the things that are much HARDER to change?  For instance, two of today’s homes have nice kitchens but no hardwood.  I’d much rather have that, because hardwood is relatively simple to install, or you can hire someone and it’s done in a day or two.  Having wonderful hardwood floors but an ugly kitchen is a much more complicated problem to fix.  Wall colour, flooring, minor fixups are easy.  Picking up a house and moving it to a better location… not so much.  🙂

So… we’ve got some terrific homes in this list, including one that’s back up for sale after less than two years on Mill Street, which I think has a nice combination of size, finishes and land.  My other favourites are detached single garage at $465k and the double garage on Whewell for less than $500k.  Quick video today, and be sure to sign up for the Milton Buyer Class because we’ve only got a few spaces left.  The link is just over there on the right side.  Finally, here’s a link to our Grand Opening Costume Contest… vote for the best costume on Facebook!