Have you ever been so excited about light fixtures that you need a soundtrack and a photo gallery? Well, one of today’s homes will take care of that for you.

Kanye really likes lights too. And Beyonce music videos.

Favourite picks of the day include Cavanagh and Highside. One is a three-storey townhouse facing a park (if you can find the video online, they did a great job with it), and the other is a 62-foot wide lot with a deep lot on one of my favourite streets.

The condo at 100 Millside doesn’t have photos yet, but the price looks AMAZING. I sold a two-bedroom on the same floor a few years ago for $360-something. And you would have to try HARD to spend $50k in a condo apartment to upgrade it.

Also, we point out a couple of things to watch for – one is a basement kitchen that may not be installed very well, and the other backs onto a commercial business that has a habit of attracting overnight campers and lineups.

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