Since it is Throwback Thursday, let’s break it down with one of my favourite childhood characters… Simon! There’s a home in today’s list that looks like they were influenced by Simon in their design choices.

If you’re looking for a detached home in the low-$500’s, you might want to check out Dymott. Even though it’s not fancy, you’re paying their asking price for townhouses these days – and this one is fully detached. For the right price on offer night, this could look good.

Plus, there’s huge pent-up demand for good homes in the mature areas, and today there’s a super choice on Childs. 150-foot deep lot with lots of grass and a pool in the yard, plus a renovated home for $699k. I’m sure there will be tons of activity on this one, but do your homework on Milton’s Intensification Zone.

Barr didn’t get what they wanted, so they listed for $50k higher. I’m not sure that’s a winning strategy, for a few reasons I’ll explain in the video.

Then we finish the video with Maquire, Playfair and Baylis… all with something great to offer. It’s one of the better lists we’ve had in a long time.

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