I fell in love with a home last year, and I may have done it again. My friend Stevie will help me deliver a message to a timber-framed home on 18 acres right on the Escarpment. 🙂 And it’s a good price too!

It’s not a linear relationship between homes as you go higher in your price range. For example, the quality of an $800,000 house in town is generally three times larger and full of many more features than a $400,000 house. $2 million probably gets you four times the value as a house listed for $1 million.

I’ll also show you a townhouse with a very attractive asking price, although they’re hiding one of their best features. And there’s a great deal on a four-bedroom Mattamy Plan 5 corner (1638 sq.ft.), which is by far the cheapest double car garage home with a backyard in town. Even with a non-ideal location, it should attract a lot of interest.

If you’d like to see any home listed right now, just give us a call at 905-693-9346 and we’ll make sure you are treated right.


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