Nothing really stands out this week as far as “great deals”, but the buyers who are in the mix and getting their hands and feet dirty are the ones that usually scoop them up.

You can’t sit on the sidelines and just research on the computer when you’re ready to buy. You need to get out there.

This isn’t like buying books on Amazon. 🙂

Today there are 11 properties, including a home featured on Holmes on Homes with a “hot tin” roof. Well, it’s a metal roof… I have no idea if it’s tin (probably not).

McNabb grabs the Pick of the Day ™ because it’s got those things people like – some pride of ownership, a big lot, mature trees, and fully detached with lots of driveway parking. For a fair price given recent sales in the area.

Be careful about “total living space” and quoted square footage – there’s a difference in above-and-below grade value for finished space! Watch today’s episode to find out more.

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