If you read my email last night, you know I had an interesting day yesterday… basically kicking a family out of a house they have no rights being in. Still, not my favourite thing to do…

So today, between air quotes and some George Benson music (full previous singing episode is here), we’ll look at a quiet Old Milton home being sold as a “handyman special” and how much it might cost to fix it up, a couple of nice semi-detached homes in the new and old neighbourhoods, and a delightful¬†detached home on Dempsey backing onto a pond (floor plan here, and for the record the plan says 2,955 square feet).

It’s a solid list today. Although it’s much different spotting good deals when almost everyone holds back on offers.

It may look good, until ten people are lined up on the street to buy it. Educated buyers who are smart shoppers are the ones who are being successful in this market, and more than ever before, the advice of a professional is needed.

Buyer Class tonight, should be awesome!

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