Today we have a pretty rare type of property… a double-garage newer bungalow, backing onto greenspace.  Could be great for a couple getting close to retirement.

More stats on greenspace… 50% of buyers would be willing to pay 10% more for a house located near a park or protected space.  So there’s definitely demand.  Other studies from Bellingham, WA to British Columbia and Windsor have quoted a value increase of 10% to 26%.  What’s interesting about that is Milton probably hovers in the 2-5% range of increased value, at least on the resale end.  Builders seem to be charging huge premiums, and sellers are not often seeing huge returns when it’s time to sell.

Today’s video starts strong, with a nicely priced 1-bed plus den, and the least expensive 3-bedroom freehold (no condo fees) in town.  The last home pales in comparison to this awesome home on 32nd Sideroad, and here’s the HD video.  Finally, if you live in town and you’d like a copy of the Milton Price Report, just click this link and leave your information.  Thanks!

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