Last night, we were feeling hopefully optimistic about Leiterman.  The marketing was lined up and organized throughout the week, with a great amount of showings and interest at the open house and through many inquiries.

We thought it was a slam dunk.

Until about 30 minutes before offer presentation… then 10 minutes… 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… and there was nothing.

It’s an eerie feeling, especially when you’ve priced it low on purpose to get the multiple offers.

I realize I’m admitting a certain level of FAILURE by writing this, but I put it out there to explain the dark shadow of taking offers on a certain night.

There weren’t a lot of competitors, and all of the other homes taking offers were much different.  So we didn’t “split the herd”, and the process leading up to offer night was the exact same process that sold a condo for $76,000 over asking, a townhouse for $125,000 over asking, and a double garage for $239,000 over asking within the last 30 days.

Sometimes the “people factor” happens.  The old part of your brain (a.k.a. the “lizard” brain) gets into “fight or flight” mode, and decides what to do.

It’s the reason why people pay $50k or $100k more than the previous sale just a week or two later.  And it’s also the reason why, very occasionally, they stand on the sidelines out of fear.  Maybe it was words from a relative, or a newspaper article, or maybe the moon was aligned a certain way.  Whatever happened, it was a surprise to everybody.  Even the agents who had competitive listings – about ten of them called me and said, “Seriously?  I thought that was a golden ticket!”

So… we re-listed for $850k last night, and the inquiries have been coming fast and furious.  Even more than when the price was lower.  Knowing 2017, this could still end up with a very happy ending.

Anyway, there are 12 properties in this episode, including one where the agent put in almost no effort and said, “F&%# it!”.  And another that should establish itself in the top 5 homes ever sold in Milton, with a great layout, finishes and a walk-out basement facing greenspace.

The rainbow sky was pretty cool, too.

Don’t forget about the Buyer Class on Thursday night at 7:00 PM.  Details and registration here.

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