It’s a pretty quiet day today with only five properties.  But here’s a sneak peek at our newest home for sale, which we’ll go over more in tomorrow’s episode.

You may remember that 95 Panton listed at the end of September for $569,900.  Apparently they didn’t get what they wanted, so they re-listed in today’s list for $585,000 and they’re now accepting offers anytime.  The value is probably sitting right between those two numbers anyway.

Heslop looks like it has a lot of upgrades, and a bungalow sold for a BIG number in the $900’s a few weeks ago, which was a surprise to many of us.  Wonder if lightning will strike twice?  These homes are probably only 1100-1200 square feet plus a basement.  Getting up into the $800’s and $900’s is probably valuing at $300-400 per square foot (when you extract the cost of the land).  That’s a LOT, considering you could probably build them from scratch at $200 per square foot or so.

Also, the description is a little confusing on Shepherd.  They’re holding back on offers until the 11th, but in another sentence we’re told that the home is “priced to sell, not priced for multiples”.  I worry about how that would be perceived by the public.  It’s a little bit of mixed messaging.

I’ve always thought that an unwavering sense of confidence in the final result leads to better results.  It’s like the movie “The Secret”.  If you believe it, you can achieve it.

So let’s get our self-love on today… no Chuck commentary, just some stuff to make you feel good from Will Smith.  This is one of my favourite videos of all-time.  Enjoy!

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