After a lovely week away with my family at the Finest Playa Mujeres resort, it’s time to get back to business.

Even though I’m blissfully unaware of the real estate market between August 23rd and 28th, I can recognize a good deal when I see it.

The BEST deal in the list is the semi-detached on Hamilton. It’s the price of a townhouse, with a deeper yard and a solid 1500 square feet. This is an example where you could pay $10,000 more than asking and STILL walk away with a deal.

There’s also a 20+ acre property for less than $700k that wins the award for best rural deal. And even though Bell School Line has a hefty price tag, I believe properties on the outskirts of town like this one have a bright future. Nobody is ever excited about their 30 minute drive through dirt roads to get home. Forgot groceries? You can run back from Bell School Line in a snap and grab something. ┬áLocation matters – just don’t repeat it three times at the start of your description.

And having an indoor pool is always looked upon favourably at MDH. Ever since I saw Lex Luthor swimming in his underground lair in the first Superman movie, I’ve wanted one. ­čÖé

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