In a building full of seniors, I have a theory that a condo on the first floor would be amazing.  That’s what we have in today’s list at 100 Millside… and you even get higher ceilings than most of the other floors.  Think about it – no need to use the elevator unless you’re visiting friends or going to your parking space.

It’s easy to move-in, easy to bring groceries home on your walks.  And because the building has no balconies, your risk of a break-in is probably even lower than normal.  Remember, it’s Milton… not exactly the ghetto.

Frank and Gleave are the same model, and the better one (Gleave) is priced $25k less with a holdback on offers.

The rest of the list… it’s okay I guess.  Nothing you won’t see most other days.

I’m in Toronto right now, sitting in a conference room at the Hazelton in Yorkville.  Had a great day learning from some amazing entrepeneurs, learning how to do things harder, better, faster & stronger.  That will be our theme song for today… have a great weekend!

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