One of today’s properties has one of the hardest floors to sell… parquet.  You can increase your odds of success if you treat it or sand and refinish it to a darker tone, but it’s always tricky to deal with.  We sometimes get two different quotes to change the floors BEFORE hitting the market, so we have the ammunition ready when someone asks.  If not, home buyers generally tend to overestimate how much everything will cost.

It’s a big day with 34 properties… and for some reason, we saw a lot of “extreme fish eye” photos in this list.  You know, when the table looks like a boomerang?  I’m a big fan of the semi-detached on Manley, and I don’t think the two on Bell School Line and Fourteenth are showing well online, despite their IDEAL locations just outside of town.  Finally, will a buyer pay more for 17 windows than 14 windows?  Let’s see.  🙂

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