I really like the song “Falling Like Dominoes“, but one of today’s homes dropped like a bag of bricks.  $100k in one day!  And now it’s probably at least $30k underlisted.  Don’t waste time on that one, give us a call and we’ll get you in quick.  Also, it’s seems self-evident, but if you have a photo of a pumpkin on your front porch, it’s probably time to get a more updated group of photos.  🙂

Finally, one of today’s homes is sitting on one of the largest lots in town, and Old Milton is really packing the heat today.

And we’re coming out with a new listing tomorrow on a quiet street in Hawthorne Village.  It’s a 4-bedroom semi-detached, with dark hardwood and full landscaping front and back.  There’s a bonus recording studio in the basement, if that’s your thing.  Here’s the first glimpse of the photo gallery.  You have a 24-hour headstart.  Enjoy!

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