Welcome back!  We start today’s video off with two condo units at 100 Millside, which is a popular building for the 50+ crowd.  There’s definitely a difference in values depending on view, and I think the one-bedroom is great value.

Nice house on Caverhill, although as we mentioned in the video they are up against some recent sales that won’t make it easy to hit $525k.  Tupper has dark hardwood and a double garage with 2300 sq.ft. at $599k – easily one of the strongest picks of the day.

The eye candy for this episode are the homes on Sixth Line and Appleby.  Great finishes, and you’re either getting a 10-acre lot or a clear view on the brow of the Escarpment.  You know if your house is given a special fancy name like “Woodcliff” that it’s bringing the heat.

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